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Some filaments contract too much and warp the extruded object. To prevent this you have to print the object in a temperature regulated chamber and/or on a temperature regulated bed. The chamber tool allows you to control the bed and chamber temperature and the holding pressure.

The chamber gcodes are also described at:



The default 'Activate Chamber' checkbox is on. When it is on, the functions described below will work, when it is off, the functions will not be called.


Bed Temperature

Default is 60C.

Defines the print_bed temperature in Celcius by adding an M140 command.

Chamber Temperature

Default is 30C.

Defines the chamber temperature in Celcius by adding an M141 command.

Holding Force

Default is zero.

Defines the holding pressure of a mechanism, like a vacuum table or electromagnet, to hold the bed surface or object, by adding an M142 command. The holding pressure is in bars. For hardware which only has on/off holding, when the holding pressure is zero, turn off holding, when the holding pressure is greater than zero, turn on holding.

Heated Beds


A resistor heated aluminum plate by Bothacker:

with an article at:


A heated copper build plate by Domingo:

with articles at:


A heated build stage by jmil, over at:

with articles at:


Kulitorum has made a heated bed. It is a 5mm Alu sheet with a pattern laid out in kapton tape. The wire is a 0.6mm2 Konstantin wire and it's held in place by small pieces of kapton tape. The description and picture is at:


A heated base by the Metalab folks:

with information at:


A resistor heated aluminum bed by Nophead:

with articles at:


A resistive wire heated plexiglass plate by prusajr:

with articles at:


A resistor heated aluminum plate by Pumpernickel2:,844

with a picture at:



A resistor heated aluminum plate by Zaggo at Pleasant Software:

with articles at:

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