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This plugin smooths jagged extruder paths. It takes shortcuts through jagged paths and decreases the Feed Rate to compensate.

Smooth is based on ideas in Nophead's frequency limit post:



The default 'Activate Smooth' checkbox is off. When it is on, the functions described below will work, when it is off, nothing will be done.


Layers From

Default: 1

Defines which layer of the print the smoothing process starts from. If this is set this to zero, that might cause the smoothed parts of the bottom edge not to adhere well to the print surface. However, this is just a potential problem in theory, no bottom adhesion problem has been reported.

Maximum Shortening over Width

Default: 1.2

Defines the maximum shortening of the shortcut compared to the original path. Smooth goes over the path and if the shortcut between the midpoint of one line and the midpoint of the second line after is not too short compared to the original and the shortcut is not too long, it replaces the jagged original with the shortcut. If the maximum shortening is too much, smooth will shorten paths which should not of been shortened and will leave blobs and holes in the model. If the maximum shortening is too little, even jagged paths that could be shortened safely won't be smoothed.

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